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Shibori Craft Night

When creative folks want to hang out, we get out the dye.

Danni Wu hosted an amazing craft night with a small group of creative folks. The evening was paired with drinks, snacks, dye, cotton bags, and rubber bands. I also brought an old drawstring bag that ended up dying lighter because it wasn't 100% cotton. We walked out of Danni's lovely Detroit condo with some freshened up tote bags ready to use for every grocery venture.

Photo was taken by Giuliana Cascardo, 2022. This post content was created by Giuliana Cascardo. All visuals are self taken or created, all writing is original aside from any statistical or historic information which is sourced by external links. Any photos that are not taken or created by Giuliana Cascardo are sourced in photo discription. Nothing in this post is affiliated with any sponsors or commercial work.


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