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Motion Graphics Design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Visual Effects, Art Direction, Concept

Building, Storyboarding, Drawing, Illustration, Stop Motion Animation, Photography, Marketing,

Communications, Computer Literacy, Teaching, Education, Training

Giuliana is currently accepting freelance. For all purchase and work inquires please reach out via email, thanks for stopping by!


Giuliana is a passionate creative with a background in design, motion graphics design, video production, illustration, and teaching. 

In 2017, she received her BFA in Entertainment Arts with a focus on Animation from the College for Creative Studies (CCS). She has experience working at CCS as an Audio Visual Technician, Pre-College Teacher, and Adjunct Faculty teaching 2D Digital Animation. Giuliana has also worked as a Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics Designer within internal agencies. She has created commercial videos and animated content for digital, social, broadcast, and internal communication streams, as well as arena event signage. She has had opportunities for her artwork to be screened at a variety of film festivals and has been able to create freelance work for various organizations, small businesses, and musicians.

Giuliana has volunteered for organizations such as: Art Action Experience, verynice, Arts & Scraps, Forgotten Harvest, The Royal Oak Environmental Advisory, Alternatives for Girls, Friends of the Rogue, The Detroit Zoo, Read to Child Inc., Keep Growing Detroit, and UMDF.

Giuliana finds great delight in painting, gardening, swimming, camping, and listening to rad tunes. She currently lives in Metro Detroit and loves nature walks with her husband (Robert). Together, they caretake two cat brothers (Micia & Ivy), a dog (Arcadia), and twenty indoor plants. They enjoy caring for their pets, plants, and watching cheesy medical dramas on rainy days.

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