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They say he is part cow.

Arcadia's birthday is December 23rd, 2021. We adopted him on July 2nd of 2021 from No Dogs Left Behind in Berkley. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Louisiana before he arrived at No Dogs Left Behind. We gave Arcadia his name after the sand dunes and the word's meaning of a scene of quiet simple pleasure. Arcadia is pronounced Are-Kay-De-Ya. Dia (Dee-ah) is Arcadia's nick name we also sometimes use to call him quickly. Arcadia is a medium sized male dog, about 27 pounds, with a multicolored coat with large "domino" spots. Arcadia is a mix of Mountain Cur, Terrier, Beagle, Pit, and Dalmatian. Arcadia is potty trained, crate trained, neutered, fully vaccinated, and has attended beginner to intermediate puppy training at Pet Smart in Troy.

When we are not going to be home, have guests, or work that takes too much of our attention, we grab a training treat and say "Go to your place". Arcadia will then quickly go to his crate. His crate is never used for punishment, it is his safe place. At night, if he is not sleeping with us, he is put in his crate and sleeps there. If Arcadia is barking we quite him by saying "Arcadia shhhhh" in a whisper or we say "Arcadia watch me" (oddly it works like 90% of the time). Arcadia is not aloud to beg or eat any table food. He has gotten much better with socializing with other dogs and does great with people. He lives with two cats and gets along with them very well. We are working on getting Arcadia to not jump up on people when he is excited. If he jumps up on someone in excitement we say "Down" firmly. We are also working on his bad chewing habits, like chewing things he knows he is not suppose to chew but does for attention. Watch out for shoes, soft toys, pillows, and small items (like airpods), he will chew up these things if they are unattended and easy to reach. If he is chewing something he is not suppose we say "Leave it" firmly and redirect him to a chew toy.

Arcadia's day routine is at 7:30am/8am he is walked around the block or let him out in the backyard to poo and pee. Then we do his "drills" with him and give him a training chewy treat when he obeys. His drills are "sit", "sit and stay", "laydown", "settle" (which is when he lays with his hip on the ground), "watch me", "leave it", and "go to your spot" (which is a folded up dot we sometimes put on the floor) we typically do 3-5 drills every morning. After his drills, we put four scoops of Hill's Science Diet Adult 1- 6 Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food in his food bowl and say "wait..." (he should sit and wait) and then we say "release!" and he dives in. While he's eating, we fill up his water bowl about an inch and place it next to his food bowl. Later in the day around 12pm-1pm, we give him another walk or let him out in the backyard to poo and pee and some water. Then around 6pm we walk for him to poo and pee, do drills, water and feed Arcadia again. Then at about 9pm, Arcadia is told to "go to his place" and he is put in the crate with a treat for bed.

Arcadia generally needs to pee 3-4 times a day and poo 2-3 times a day. We tend to give Arcadia a wash every two weeks (or if he is very stinky or muddy) with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Arcadia loves his tough chew toys like a Nyla Bone or Kong. He loves treats like Zuke's Mini Naturals, Wellness Puppy Bites, Canine Peanut Butter, carrots or freeze dried chicken. He enjoys being warm and snuggling. He loves wearing his sweater and sleeping on a doggy bed or comfy blanket. If he is around other dogs he gets very excited and loves to play. We love Arcadia, he such a sweet dog with a lot of energy. He is such a special part of our family.

Photos were taken by Giuliana Cascardo, 2021. This post content was created by Giuliana Cascardo. All visuals are self taken or created, all writing is original aside from any statistical or historic information which is sourced by external links. Any photos that are not taken or created by Giuliana Cascardo are sourced in photo discription. Nothing in this post is affiliated with any sponsors or commercial work.


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