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The Last Banana

At the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, the last banana on earth thrived quarantined. The banana species was nearly wiped out completely by the deadly fungi Tropical Race 4. Tropic Race 4 can be easily transmitted in soil by boots, clothing, and tools. That being said the last banana must be kept quarantined. A scientist at the seed bank spent his days studying, caring, and routinely checking the last banana. His job was essential in preventing this fruit from extinction. He often remembered the different kinds of banana food he enjoyed as child before the banana started to die off. He misses those meals and the vivid memories they paired with. When time for the banana’s routine check, he suits up in a level A hazmat suit and takes his clippers from a sanitizing station. Surrounding the plant is a closed off large white room with greenhouse lights across the ceiling. After the security code is imputed and he goes inside, the air is vacuumed out and purified air is pumped in. In the center of the room, the banana plant is enclosed in a glass dome that purified air feeds into. The room temperature is a steady warmth that the banana can thrive in. With authorization from the scientist, the dome descends and the plant sits in front of him. The potted plant is on a rotatable disk that allows him to rotate the plant and examine every part of it. He begins to turn it, examining every branch and leaf. His mind wanders. He remembers being ten and having a banana cream pie with that flaky crust and smooth center. He exhales, returning to examining, looking at texture and color and… his mind wandered again. He was eight at an ice cream parlor having his first banana split. The chocolate drizzled all over the bananas drenched with three different kinds of ice cream. He returned to reality on to find himself salivating. He tried to return to the examination, continuing to turn the plant. Yet his memories kept jumping in the way. That sweet cold thick banana smoothie his mom made him on a hot July day. He turns that plant more but his memories only continue to win his attention. Chocolate chip banana bread, banana nut muffins, banana cookies, and of course banana pancakes.  Not realizing how much he as turned the plant he found himself face to face with the banana. He becomes blank faced and wide eyed. Sweating, he holds the clippers firmly at hand.

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