Short Film Concept, Boards, & Animatic


A traveling geologist sets out to hike a mountain range and tries to avoid being consumed by an odd plant.

Jae, a traveling geologist, sets out to hike The Central Andes mountain range. While hiking through a dry forest, she spots green shapes in the distant grassland. Curiously she hikes towards the grassland. In the grassland, hundreds of large alien-like plants thrive. Jae finds an alpaca sniffing one of the plants and then suddenly starts to struggle. The plant attaches to the animal as the animal cries out in pain. Colors and spores begin to emerge on its body. The alpaca’s eyes turn a milky white. The mutilated alpaca is then sucked into the plant and the plant instantly grows larger. Stunned, Jae backs away in shock and accidently trips on rock falling into the deadly plant. She then must find a way to escape from the plant in order to survive.

Special thanks to my professor Katie Barkel.