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The Gilbert Foundation

BeNeFit Gala


Created animated signage and intro cards for virtual and live event benefit gala hosted at the TCF Center in Detroit. The BeNeFit Gala is a annual fundraiser to rise money for research to end neurofibromatosis or "NF". I also assisted creating concepts and art direction for the intro video that was screened at the start of the virtual event.

Responsible for concept, design layout, and animation.
Other people involved in the production of the signage and video work were Sarah Fogel (Designer), Andrea Vega (Creative Strategist), Natalie Ness (Producer), Peter Skorupskas (Director/Video Editor), Natalie Skorupskas (Art Director), Jessie DiBattista (Copywriter), Jon Mitchell (Cinematographer), Stephen Yee (Motion Graphic Design), and Christina McGee (Project Manager).

93 animated signage videos for live TCF event at 30 seconds to 2 minutes each
1 intro video for virtual auction event at 1 minute

Platforms: TCF Center Gala Event and Virtual Gala Event

Password: nf2021
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