The Blonde Pixie

Updated: Feb 20

That cold feeling on your neck - Metro Detroit, MI - 12/23/21

For a while, I was talking to Robert about going back to a pixie. I wanted my hair long to do an up-due for our wedding ceremony and reception but once that was done I was ready to chop it all off. I missed the vibrancy of having blonde hair too, though it is hard to maintain it's a lot of fun to play with. So the week of Christmas, Robert was really the only one who knew my hair plan. After I got it, I hid my hair under a beanie and did a big surprise reveal in each family event. Many people were quite shocked of the change, some even concerned, but regardless I did feel very free. I got many compliments but also many interesting look alike suggestions. Some said I looked like Mia Farrow, Miley Cyrus, Slim Shady, and Lieutenant Yar - all great people to look like. I felt mildly in control of myself again, even though that's never really true. Even though it just a new hair due, it's amazing how nice it feels to finally try something different with my hair.

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